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Realization of Fingerprint Identification Function of Intelligent Lock

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-08 10:09:21
  With the continuous development of fingerprint recognition technology mature, smart lock also began to use this technology. Smart lock through the fingerprint recognition function, you can improve the security of the door lock, you know the smart lock fingerprint recognition function is how to achieve it? PROYU, RF ID card IC card wholesales china, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
Fingerprint enhancement
  In the fingerprint collection process, due to various reasons, the collected fingerprint images inevitably introduce some noise, often difficult to achieve better results. Therefore, we can through a certain image enhancement technology to improve the quality of fingerprint images.
Feature extraction
  The extraction of the detail point feature is to find the ridge line end point and the ridge line bifurcation in the fingerprint image. After the fingerprint enhancement step, if the fingerprint image can be better segmented, the fine point is easy to extract.
Fingerprint matching 
  There are many fingerprint matching algorithms, including point pattern matching, ridge pattern matching, image-based matching and pattern-based matching. 
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  The smart lock fingerprint recognition function, mainly in the following two ways:
Live fingerprint identification 
  Only on the live body fingerprints to identify the reaction, all other materials do not identify. Under normal circumstances, we can use the semiconductor fingerprint collector to complete. 
Optical fingerprint recognition
  The optical recognition of the smart lock is an earlier fingerprint recognition technique. Based on the light emitted by the optical launcher, it is reflected on the finger and then reflected back to the machine for data and is consistent with the database.
  Through the above description, I believe we have a smart lock fingerprint recognition function to achieve a specific understanding. 
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