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Smart door locks are so convenient. Do you use them?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-15 12:48:28
Intelligent door lock (Customized printing IC card company) is called intelligent, mainly reflected in its function and operation process, more humane and intelligent. The intelligent at this stage is mainly reflected a network function in the door, can realize remote control and remote monitoring, such as remote monitoring via mobile phone remote lock, open and close, but also let the intelligent lock left brought about by the Internet Security risks. 

With the development of intelligent Home Furnishing concept, definition and function of intelligent lock is also growing, in the future will be a smart lock (access control system price) with open interface of intelligent equipment, intelligent electronic lock has become a part of the Home Furnishing on the market there are still other types, such as face recognition, iris recognition, remote control door lock door lock. 
Smart locks (rfid access control system) really help users solve everyday problems in some of the following scenarios: 

Forget the key
Forgetting the keys is really something to worry about, and the smart door locks can be controlled by mobile phones, leaving a lot of trouble. 

Express delivery
Sometimes express arrival, but not at home, and at the moment can not find people to collect. The intelligent lock after transfer of prior authorization, even if there is no one in the house, does not affect the normal work of the courier. 

Intelligent door locks can not only solve some troubles for users, but also conform to the social needs. "The traditional locks, is to keep people at home, we hope to reverse this thinking, design a system to allow more people to come in, including friends, service staff, to enter the house easier"