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IC card door locks will replace ordinary door locks at home

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-01 16:30:43
Electronic locks appear with the development of electronic technology. Compared with the mechanical door lock (Electronic Magnetic lock manufacturer), the convenience of its use, the technical protection and the intelligent management function are unmatched by the mechanical lock. Electronic locks are widely used in various fields to illustrate this point. 

The environment in which functionality should be used in conjunction. According to our application to determine the functional requirements, which environment is used, we should have appropriate considerations. 

In a hotel, an office, an office building or a family?. Because different use environment has different function focus. Office, office use. Consider property management requirements, to achieve real-time monitoring of the status of the room door, in case of extraordinary events, you can control the door opening. 

The best solution is to lock (wholesale hotel door lock system) the network and consider the interfaces of other IC card systems in order to achieve one card. The use of family, intelligent community. First of all, to consider family use a card, you can open more than one door, in the key card lost when you can delete, and you can and the district gate, corridor door, intercom system can card. 

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