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How do the staff play cards in the attendance management?

In general, we would suggest that customers choose a software and hardware integration solution, which includes: 

First, attendance equipment. Most of the domestic mainstream attendance equipment is the card with fingerprint attendance, credit card is a contactless inductive card RFID, rather than the kind of card clock. Some other biometric methods such as face recognition, iris recognition and vein recognition are being applied, but those are relatively small compared with punching cards and fingerprints. 

Our recommended attendance equipment generally needs to meet the following requirements:
I. devices are connected to avoid data acquisition, and many devices are handled by U disk or proprietary software. fingerprint Time attendance distributor, Finger access control Time attendance distributor, time attendance system china

II. real time communication, avoid the data generated by the time difference, a lot of enterprises is the end of the month to the attendance statistics. 

III. collocation of various inspection, such as the three roller gate, like a subway ticket as a personal card, multiple punch card equipment alarm buzzer; as before mentioned on the attendance machine such as camera; some devices can require employees to punch the card, then press the fingerprint attendance, even while taking pictures to make sure to avoid the generation of punch cards.

Secondly, attendance system. A qualified Kao Qin management system should be able to flow from the perspective of business to help enterprise personnel scheduling real-time reasonable arrangements (scheduling), employees of the actual hours of real-time statistics and tracking (Kao Qin), employee attendance abnormal automatic real-time tips and processes (self-service) prompt and guarantee and various compliance risks (compliance security), if the system and system and equipment in place, employees do not need to repeatedly charge, HR is used to explain why he was late, absenteeism, fraud phenomenon can avoid most of the spur of the moment.